Storytelling through photography and film making

Stories Written With Light

Storytelling through photography was my first genuine way of expressing my self. I remember the time when I took my first shy and gentle steps into the world of filmmaking. It was the beginning of the digital era. Photography was available through your phone. Photo cameras would now record video and video editing was no longer a dark art hidden away in some basement. All you needed was an open eye and a curios mind. Fast forward to the present and the tools have evolved to even greater lenghts. Only one thing is the same, and probably will never change, and that is the insatiable curiosity of the human mind the its search for beauty.

It is true that you need your story to be delivered in an elegant and with a strong visual impact, and for this the professional cameras and equipment can not be undermine. We all admire the big and thorough rigged cameras that we see on movie sets and dream that maybe one day will get to use one and through it can better express our vision. Have no doubts, it will happen. Because that is the easy part. With all the technological advances in camera performances seen over the last years, especially with DSLR’s cameras that wait is over. We equally enjoy working with them, and in conjunction with some basic lighting sets and great estethic editing can perform miracles. The same technological advances also apply to small action cameras like the GoPro and smartphones, which in the right hands can be very powerful and creative tools.

When in comes to DSLR’s and digital film making be sure to check out Philip Bloom. He is one, if not the one, in my personal opinion, expert on this field.

The only thing that will probably never change no matter how far technology will take us is the passion and joy of sharing with others that beautiful story that you keep hidden away in your mind. Photography and film making are wonderful mediums with which you can put your ideas into reality.

Now that I striped away the technological mystery from what photography and filmmaking means it is time for you to take that camera, go out and shoot somebody !