As a team of young professionals, absolutely in love with what we do, “going the extra mile” is what we have for breakfast. We have learned a great deal by working on different projects, from small ones to independent and personal ones. We have gone all the way through various scales of difficulty, ranging from documentaries, photoshoots, corporate videos, wedding photography, commercials and music videos to tv shows, where everything had to work out and fit together like a Swiss clock. All these stages have allowed us to get a better understanding of the job involved, the small steps needed to take us there and also to get closer to what the customers have in mind and want us to deliver through the final product, even before work on the project has begun.

Our religion is storytelling, and for this reason we don’t judge a project by it’s budget, complexity or target audience, thus allowing us to split our time and expertise among big and small and independent projects alike. All this is possible by continually pushing and stretching our creativity and constantly driving for both self and technical improvement. We have done this either through educational means, like old school learning but also through interaction with different cultures and art forms, at a basic level, that can only be accomplished by traveling, which should be a constant in every form of art or self expression. Because, let’s be honest, without these factors, pretty much everything will be kind of dull and similar looking. But, fortunately, this is where we step into the game, and by combining these essential elements and going beyond the rules, the final result will be a flawless reflection of the customer’s idea.

We strive to post on this blog as much information as possible, about technical topics as well as ways to improve your storytelling. As we are very passionate about this field and everything that it encompasses, we’ll test and write about pretty much everything that we can get our hands on, from editing software to colour grading, sound mixing, DSLRs, in particular, up to iPhone movies and photography: how to get them right, apps that can help, improve or assist you in your trade. So make sure to come back on a regular basis to get new updates, tips and tricks and much more.

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